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US-MOST: A Turn-Key CAISO Services Company

Founded in 2008, US-MOST (USM) is a professional engineering and services company that provides turn-key services to utilities, and EPC's (Engineer Procurement Construction) Contractors.

We are your complete CAISO compliance provider

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, US-MOST is a leading services and engineering company that provides turnkey solutions for traditional and renewable energy service providers in California. The Company started with engineering in partnership with an independently-owned Southern California utility creating process management solutions for Meters, and CAISO Remote Intelligence Gateways (RIGs). US-MOST has expanded its scope to become a respected provider of CAISO solutions and services to all levels of energy service providers.

US-MOST has successfully guided its clients through the tangled CAISO New Resource Implementation process, including CAISO meter and RIG support and certification for over eighty projects. These include independently owned utilities, EPC's, government, and commercial customers. Our team prides itself on constant growth and deployment of new technologies. US-MOST is at the forefront of smart energy technology.

Utilizing point-to-point services and a team of highly qualified engineers US-MOST takes the complexity out of interacting with CAISO. Our Certified CAISO meter and RIG engineers provides support for testing and certification of CAISO approved equipment. Our smart data solutions provide cost-effective, ECN-compliant, data management and communications platforms. US-MOST is one of of the few CAISO certified providers of metering and RIG platforms for your projects.

US-MOST is fully qualified to handle projects in both the traditional and renewable energy sector including photovoltaic solar, wind, biogas, fuel cell, peaker-plants and substations. The majority of our clients are independently-owned utilities, EPC's, and other NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies.

Whether dealing with traditional or renewable energy clients, US-MOST prides itself on offering a complete array of services that covers every stage of becoming CAISO-compliant and certified. We act as the single point of contact when working on your behalf with CAISO, SCE, PG&E, SDG&E, AT&T, and Verizon. This allows us to offer powerful and cost-effective process management to our clients and helps them navigate the rigorous CAISO processes.

With US-MOST by your side, building your energy project from initial planning through commercial operations is efficient, effectual, and effortless. Our processes empower you to focus on your core business without becoming lost in the regulatory bureaucracy.