Solutions CAISO Meter & RIG Certifications

CAISO Meter & RIG Certifications


Having your metering solution CAISO certified is only the beginning of what US-MOST has to offer. As with any technically advanced product, there is ongoing maintenance that must be performed in order to keep the meters at their top performing level. Our certified meter service experts can assist with any issues that may occur with your system that are not a part of regular maintenance and upkeep. US-MOST works with you to determine the problem and troubleshoot the answers.

It is not enough that the metering solution is certified at the time of the installation. All CAISO meters are required to renew their certification on an annual basis. Our highly knowledgeable team can assist you in performing any updates that must be done and by submitting the proper paperwork in time. We understand that any delay would result in a nightmare and our desire is to help you avoid any such problems by using our skills to help you meet the requirements and deadlines necessary.

Remote Intelligence Gateways (RIGs)

Once the RIG system is installed by your RIG engineer properly, then our staff is able to assist in the day to day trouble shooting that may be needed. A RIG meter has a software key known as a security certificate. This allows the meter to communicate with CAISO’s Energy Communication Network in a secure manner. The certificate is acquired during the initial paperwork but must be renewed on an annual basis. If it is allowed to expire then the RIG will no longer communicate with CAISO and will stop working. Utilizing the professionals at US-MOST will allow you the peace of mind knowing that your security certificate will always be applied for in a timely manner.

Our team can also assist with the daily, weekly and monthly upkeep of the RIG meters that may be needed. This includes clean up and preventative measures to ensure that outside influences will not be a hindrance.