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CAISO New Resource Process

Process Management

US-MOST offers energy providers the ability to concentrate on their core business by having our experts provide CAISO process management, AT&T's ECN connectivity management, as well as solutions for utility monitoring as required by SCE, SDG&E, PG&E, etc. We can help you every step of the way; from the very beginning of the planning process to commercial operations as well as ongoing maintenance and re-certifications. Our technicians will guide you through these very complicated processes so that your project is successful. Each step will be taken carefully and with full cooperation of the team involved. By working together with the owner/EPC US-MOST is committed to the safety of all team members and quality of the end product.

CAISO has a rigid and extended planning process for new resources. This process begins 210 days prior to when a new project is planning to synchronize with the electric grid and has specific milestone requirements even after synchronization. Each of these milestones are critical to meet or your project will fail to synchronize on your target date. So the sooner US-MOST is brought into the planning process the better chance of meeting the target on-line date.