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for independently owned utilities, EPC's, government, and commercial customers.


US-MOST is a leading services and engineering company that provides turnkey solutions for traditional and renewable energy service providers in California. US-MOST has successfully managed on behalf of their clients the CAISO new implementation process management, ISO meter support and RIG platform certification for over eighty projects for clients including independently owned utilities, EPC's, government, and commercial customers.

Here are a list of the FAQ’s we receive from new clients.


Depending upon the level of the project and what is necessary to bring it to CAISO level, the timeline will vary to complete the process. In most cases it is required that several bucket levels are completed upward of 210 days. This is the total time it might take to reach the various levels of completion in order to be ready for qualification. Depending upon where your project is at onset, the numbers could be altered. The exact number is going to be based on your specific project and its current status. This means that you could be less than 210 days if your project is at a level that will allow for completion sooner. It is important to remember that every project is different and this can change the amount of time that the entire process works.
The requirements for getting through the process of CAISO metering certification include review and completion of RIG database forms, interconnection and single-line diagramming, pulse value calculations, RIG and meter block diagrams and drawings, metering wiring diagrams, communications and system block diagrams, meter point-to-point and RIG testing, transformer and line-loss compensation calculations, CT burden tests at secondary of CT wiring and metering calculations worksheet completion. Each of your installed meter will receive such a complete CAISO metering commissioning package. Getting through the process is going to provide you with everything you need to find success in the process.
Our company handles medium to large sized projects based on the specific needs of that company. We work to provide you with the communications that you need to ensure you have the most current information about your project as it goes along. This allows you to make major adjustments as necessary throughout the project regardless of the size of the project. The project size is not the biggest issue, but the information that will need to be obtained and harnessed. Regardless of how much time you think the process should take, every project has its own components to deal with and you can’t be sure of the duration. With proper planning and an eye on the outcome you will be on track for a successful and timely completion.
RIG stands for Remote Intelligent Gateway and is required by ISO in order to handle the collection of information and reporting metrological, meter and inverter directly from the solar energy project in hand. This provides the information to those that need it in order to make fast decisions about the project. This information will allow the individuals that are on point to use real time information to make major adjustments as they are needed. This RIG collects real time data on a 4 second interval so that it meets the ISO reporting requirements. This will provide everyone with the best information possible to get positive and honest results. .
RIG is required by ISO for the collection and reporting of metrological, meter, and inverter data. This process is required in order to complete the CAISO process. It is important to realize the value of real time information when making vital and fast decision regarding the status of the project. RIG allows for this type of response and provides you with the information necessary to make informed decisions about the current and future status of a project. Not only is this a requirement but it is the best way to manage the project and make sure that you are on track for success. You will find that this is more of an advantage than a hurdle to overcome. Taking the time to make sure that you are taking the right steps for success is important and RIG is a part of this. Make sure that you pay close attention to the need for RIG for your project when you start out.