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Meter/RIG - Certification


Being able to access accurate meter data in a reliable time period is essential in the world of energy companies. Meters are more technologically advanced than at any other time in the past and are constantly being improved. US-MOST is ready to help you with all your energy metering needs. From on-site energy meters for account purposes to Utility and CAISO required meters our technicians have the answers to your needs.

Our professional team is ready to work with you and determine the best metering solutions for your company. The US–MOST team has the expert training and in-field experience to understand the variety of metering options available to those in both traditional and renewable energy companies. This allows us assist in the meter process from start to finish.

US-MOST meter technicians are well-versed in CAISO certification process from start to finish. As a qualified CAISO meter provider, US-MOST knows that your metering solution must comply fully with the CAISO meter guidelines. Each metering solution must also meet the detailed requirements for reporting the amount of energy used and document the information in a highly specific manner.

The US-MOST professionals will help to select the correct metering system and configure it to fit your particular company and clients before you begin the your installation process. Once the proper meters have been identified US-MOST certified meter technicians will provides support for testing and certify your meters and verify accuracy and connectivity to your energy data.

Remote Intelligence Gateway (RIG)

US-MOST is one of a very few companies certified to design and certify CAISO required RIGs or “Smart-Meters” for use on the AT&T Energy Control Network (ECN).  Our trained technicians have been certified to provide support for RIGs and understand the importance of timely certifications so you can avoid service interruptions.  Our team will work closely with you through the RIG certification process.