Solutions Meters and RIG

We are a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians.

US-MOST’s point-to-point services are managed by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who help take the complexity out of interacting with CAISO from the New Resources Implementation Process through Commercial Operations.


US-MOST is one of the few companies certified to support CAISO Metering and RIG solutions accurately measure and report energy production in the California Markets.

Delivered solutions include point-to-point CAISO new implementation process management, document submissions, as well as the required CAISO RIG and Meter, commissioning, testing, and certification. US-MOST works in a collaborative effort with all utilities; i.e. SCE, SDG&E, PG&E, etc. Our engineers also coordinate with the various telephone companies, i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc. as part of the CAISO Energy Control Network (ECN) data connection process management. US-MOST handles all high voltage requirements, including reviews, and engineers solutions for data connectivity both internal and external to the CAISO, AT&T managed, ECN data networks.


CAISO Meter & RIG Certifications

CAISO Process Management