We realize that you have a number of companies to choose from for your CAISO projects so thank you for taking the time to investigate US-MOST. While we are confident that our design, management, and technical expertise will insure the optimal results for your CAISO project, we want you to be sure as well. Why choose US-MOST for my project?


US-MOST has been involved in the CAISO process since the inception of the New Resource Interconnection Process. We have developed data management solutions and certified CAISO Meters and RIGs.

US-MOST is one of the few companies that are certified to provide support for the CAISO Metering and RIG platforms. We have completed nearly 100 plus projects utilizing our turnkey process which has benefited independently-owned utilities, EPC’s,¬†as well as commercial and government clients.


Our goal is to help you with a successful CAISO certification process for your energy project. Our engineers and technical professionals understand what processes, procedures, and documents are required and the milestone dates that need to be met. Our processes will help keep your project moving forward and on time, and thereby avoiding costly delays. The US-MOST team understands that success comes from more than just certifications, experience and training. We desire to build long-term working relationships with our clients in order to assist with your current needs and those of the constantly evolving energy market segments.


US-MOST is all set to take care of the paperwork so that you can focus on your core tasks in bringing your projects to completion and commercial operations. Our CAISO New Resource Implementation process management experts will help you with reliable and on-time support, testing, and certification of your CAISO equipment. Our management processes and data solutions provide cost-effective, industry compliant,data management and communications platforms. US-MOST will act as the single point of contact for connecting your company with CAISO, Utility (such as SCE, PG&E SDG&E) and the telecom companies (such as AT&T and Verizon). Our company’s one-stop convenience offers you the productivity and cost-competence you deserve. Each step of the process is assigned to one of our teams so that the essential work can stay on schedule, and finish on-time.


In a world of incomplete design specifications, change orders, unmet dead-lines, US-MOST goes above and beyond. We get the job done, in the time-period specified, and for the price quoted. While our experts understand the entire process, there can sometimes be a bump in the road. When that happens, our professional staff steps up and tackles any issues that may hinder the process with precision and openness. Our desire is to be transparent with the process from beginning to end and to never leave our clients guessing as to what happens next.